February 29, 2024

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President Joe Biden is touting his student loan relief plan, which is starting to take applications. But a new poll finds that Republicans gain an edge as voters worry about the economy.

Andy Puzder, former CEO of fast food chain Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., joins us to discuss the impact of the spiraling economy.

Early voting begins in Georgia. The state has several critical races, including the race for governor and for U.S. Senate.

Apple has paused plans to use memory chips from a Chinese company after Washington posted tighter export controls against Chinese tech companies.

An engineering professor joins us to discuss China’s chip-making industry and the effect of recent policy.

Biden has been working from home. How long has he spent away from the White House, and how does it compare to former President Donald Trump?

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DeSantis Rises in Polls Despite Martha’s Vineyard Controversy; DOJ Wants Jail Time for Bannon | Trailer | Capitol Report
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