February 25, 2024

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In a win for former President Donald Trump in the DOJ’s ongoing investigation into the documents seized from his home, a Florida district judge has granted Trump’s request for a special master, blocking the DOJ from using sensitive documents for investigative purposes.

President Joe Biden again targeted “MAGA-Republicans” Monday. What did he say, and how did Trump respond to Biden’s remarks over the weekend?

Is the military focusing more on social issues rather than effective cooperation? Retired Army Colonel Daren Gaub joins us to discuss.

The UK has chosen its new prime minister, Liz Truss. What does this mean for the United States, and what’s her stance on hostile governments like China and Russia?

The U.S. ambassador to Russia is stepping down. He’s retiring a few months early, in the middle of ongoing disputes with Russia.

Communist China is once again angry at the United States over Taiwan, after Biden announced a $1 billion arms deal with the self-ruled island.
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Judge Grants Trump Special Master; US Ambassador to Russia Stepping Down | Trailer | Capitol Report
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