February 25, 2024

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Is race-based college admissions coming to an end? The Supreme Court hears arguments in a high-profile case against Harvard.

The House speaker’s husband, Paul Pelosi, is recovering from surgery to repair a skull fracture after a violent attack. Now, the suspect faces multiple charges.

Chairwoman of the Arizona GOP Kelli Ward joins us to discuss the elections in her state. There are concerns about whether we will be able to learn the winners on election night.

Early voting turnout in this midterm election has surpassed that in 2018. More than 22 million Americans have already cast their ballots.

Radically changing election laws could be on the ballot in your state’s election. We’ll take a look at Proposal 2 in Michigan.

Over 155 people died at a crowd surge during a Halloween event in South Korea. Among them are two American college students.

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SCOTUS Hears Case on Harvard Asian Discrimination Case; CDC Director Tests Positive for COVID Again | Trailer | Capitol Report
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