March 23, 2023

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In this special episode, we sat down with Gregory Copley in Washington. He’s the president of the International Strategic Studies Association. Let’s begin with what’s happening in the Indo-Pacific region, why it’s important to America, and how it could all play out.

Copley said, “The first thing the United States has got to do is recognize that the real strategic competition, which is going to determine the fortunes of the West in the future is largely occurring in the Indo-Pacific region, and not in the Euro-Atlantic sphere. And one of the things that the People’s Republic of China has been keen to do is to distract the Biden administration so that it moves away from the Indo-Pacific focus and moves back to a Euro-Atlantic focus. So the Ukraine war really played into Beijing’s hands. They were able to see all attention from Washington being given to the Ukraine war and to the reconstruction of NATO, arguably an alliance which needed to rethink itself in 1990, 1991, at the end of the Cold War, but instead now that’s become the major focus of attention. And, of course, the U.S. is funding this war in Ukraine, heavily, to the tunes of many tens of billions of dollars, not to mention the changing the attention.”

He goes on to note that “would give the PRC a great ability to project further southward and control strategic straits and waterways through the Southeast Asian waterways. And that, of course, is critical, because arguably the greatest volume of world maritime traffic … goes through these straits.”

And in the second half, we sat down with John O’neill and Sarah Wynne, authors of “The Dancer and the Devil,” a deep dive into murders and biowars by Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Putin, and Xi Jinping.

O’Neill notes the role Marxism played in the need for poisons and biowar, saying, “Marxism promises heaven, it promises that heaven on earth of equality where we’re all friends, perfect equity—but it delivers hell. Every place that’s ever existed, it promises freedom and delivers slavery. Having delivered slavery, it can’t survive debate. … Marxists can never survive a free debate, because you can look at what it’s done in Venezuela, in China, in Russia, any place that it’s been around. In Soviet Russia, it delivered the death of 20 million people. In China, under Mao, there were untold, maybe as many as 40 million dead. Today in China, you have a vast purge going on of the arts and other areas. So people were living in cultural terror and cultural … fear. So the way to solve that, according to Marxists, is to simply eliminate the debate by eliminating the debaters.”

Wynne explains the reasons they wrote the book, saying “in addition to making the news available for people to learn about. Stalin once said that the death of a million people is just a statistic, but the death of one person could be a tragedy. So we’re trying to highlight the deaths of these individuals who are amazing in and of themselves. Pavlova is one, Anna Pavlova. Serge Diaghilev, a producer, was another one out of Russia. Gorky, Maxim Gorky, a short story writer. Raoul Wallenberg was an ambassador. So these stories of hope in their lives.”

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‘Going to Determine the Fortunes of the West’: Greg Copley on the Indo-Pacific’s Importance | China in Focus
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