December 4, 2023

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Are the Confucius Institutes in the United States truly closed? A report says some of them are back, but under new names.

China’s flood season is getting worse. So far, 85 rivers have risen above flood warning levels.

More Chinese banks are having difficulty completing customer withdrawals. Some are even limiting how much money can be transferred.

Two Chinese real estate companies present an unusual alternative to a cash down payment. For those that don’t have the money, certain crops are accepted instead.

As Shanghai residents complain about a lack of state aid, the city has started urging locals to donate to authorities instead—in the name of supporting COVID-19 measures.

Topics in this episode:

Schools Replace Confucius Institutes w/ New Programs
Severe Flooding: 85 Rivers Surpass Warning Levels
Bank Runs Begin in Shanghai, Other Chinese Cities
Chinese Bank: E-Transfer Limit Hits New Low
China Property Sector: Trade Garlic for House
Shanghai: Locals Should ‘Donate’ to COVID-19 Control
World Cup Reinstates China Reference for Taiwan
Chinese Asylum Seekers Jump 800% In 10 Years
Iconic Hong Kong Restaurant Capsizes at Sea
Collector Captures Hong Kong’s Colonial Past
Fmr DOD Cyber Director: Chinese Naval Base Near U.S.

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Schools Replace Confucius Institutes W/New Programs | China in Focus | Trailer
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