December 1, 2023

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After two decades of serving in leadership, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is stepping down. What are her next plans, and who’s in line to replace her?

Now in the majority, House Republicans announce an investigation into the Biden family.

What else does the Republican-controlled House plan to investigate? Congressman Greg Steube joins us to discuss the House GOP’s future plans.

A lot of recent developments around the southern border have occurred. An immigration expert joins us from the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Starbucks employees went on strike Thursday, and they picked the company’s busiest day of the year to do so.

Harvard and Yale are pulling out of a law school ranking. Deans of the two Ivy League schools say the “one size fits all” ranking system doesn’t work.

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Pelosi to Step Down From All Leadership Roles; House GOP to Launch Investigation Into Biden Family | Trailer | Capitol Report
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