December 4, 2023

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“We live like walking dead—without souls.”—former Chinese police commissioner and deputy chief of the Ministry of Public Security

An opaque regime now at the helm of authoritarianism globally, the Chinese Communist Party has managed to hide much of its inner workings with a massive propaganda apparatus and surveillance state.

Those who expose the regime’s secrets face imprisonment, torture, or death. Kay Rubacek, an award-winning filmmaker, managed to find and interview a number of defectors around the globe. She’s pored through official documents and speeches to understand the worldview of people serving the regime.

In this special episode, featuring never-before-released interviews with former insiders, Kay Rubacek and Jan Jekielek dive into the warped world of China’s communist leadership, one largely hidden from public view by a massive propaganda apparatus.

Kay Rubacek is the director of the documentary “Finding Courage,” the author of “Who Are China’s Walking Dead?,” and former host of the NTD show Life & Times.

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China’s ‘Walking Dead’: Inside the Warped World of China’s Communist Officialdom | Special Episode Featuring Kay Rubacek

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