November 30, 2023

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The man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi is an illegal immigrant from Canada, authorities confirm. We also have more information about him from his ex-girlfriend’s lawyer.

It’s five days until the midterms. President Joe Biden is busy campaigning for vulnerable Democrats. What’s noteworthy about where he is going and where he isn’t?

We speak to a mayor of a border city in Arizona about what he says as his town grapples with a 170 percent increase in illegal immigration.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin invites his South Korean counterpart to the Pentagon to discuss North Korea’s recent missile launches.

Mainstream media coverage is found to target Republicans with negative press. But some say voters are looking past the noise. We hear from John Burnett, executive vice chairman of the New York GOP.

The NFL’s Washington Commanders could be sold soon. The football team is worth an estimated $5.6 billion.

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Authorities Reveal Details on Pelosi’s Attacker; Border City Facing $20M in Hospital Debt | Trailer | Capitol Report
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