November 30, 2023

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The death toll from Hurricane Ian grows as teams carry out or continue their rescue missions. Florida lawmakers emerge with criticism over the federal government’s use of funds, saying more is spent on unrelated items than on hurricane disaster relief.

South Carolina is also recovering from the destruction of Hurricane Ian. Congressman Ralph Norman explains to us what the situation is like in his state.

The White House is considering how to respond to Russia’s actions. They are concerned that Russia will escalate the war in Ukraine.

Utah Congressman Burgess Owens joins us to discuss America’s education crisis and the impact the failures in the education system will have in the November elections.

What are the GOP’s chances of taking back the Senate this November? Sen. Rick Scott is optimistic.

A good old-fashioned Texas showdown: Gov. Greg Abbott duels with challenger Beto O’Rourke for the fate of the Lone Star state.

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Florida Lawmakers Reject Bill With Disaster Relief; If Russia Escalates War, What Will Biden Do Next? | Trailer | Capitol Report
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