December 4, 2023

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On top of uproar in Beijing and Shanghai, students in another major city protested against strict COVID-19 rules, as a sensitive anniversary is around the corner.

Some Chinese banks are having a hard time processing withdrawals. The issue first appeared in rural community banks but has now extended to a major bank in the country’s capital city.

At least a few Americans have asked a U.S. consulate in China for airlift evacuation. But a source told NTD that the consulate has responded with a firm “no” so far.

Should the United States reduce tariffs on Chinese goods? A group of senators, plus a few other officials, are calling on President Joe Biden not to sign off on the move.

Classic fighter pilot film Top Gun gets a long-awaited sequel. The film hit theaters this week, but an image of the Taiwanese flag has sparked debate—first vanishing in the trailer, and now reappearing on the silver screen.

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Escalating Student Protest Trend in China | China in Focus | Trailer
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