February 25, 2024

Russian president Vladimir Putin met with mothers of soldiers who have been killed in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In a staged meeting with carefully selected women from across Russia, Putin said that he shared their pain, but that their sons had died not died in vain. There has been growing protest across Russia from mothers of young men who are being forcibly recruited and sent to the front, often lacking training and equipment.
Meanwhile, Russian shelling in the liberated city of Kherson has killed 15 people, according to Ukrainian officials. Authorities have begun evacuating civilians from the city, including children and hospital patients. The latest attack comes as authorities race to repair damage to critical infrastructure destroyed by Russian airstrikes earlier this week.
The damage knocked out power to much of the country. Authorities have restored it in some areas, but more than six million people are still without heat or electricity. Analysts say Russia is seeking to demoralize Ukrainians over the harsh winter months. Ukraine’s President has called on the nation to endure.

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