December 1, 2023

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Some House districts that voted for President Joe Biden are leaning red—and a new endorsement emerges in Arizona’s Senate race that could rally an entire base to the right.

A researcher from the Heritage Foundation joins us to discuss censorship on Twitter after his account was just recently suspended. What has been happening since Elon Musk took over?

The federal government is now spending over $470 billion on interest payments. The spending could surpass the country’s entire defense budget by 2025.

A longtime congressional aide was reportedly fired for working on behalf of China. Republicans are calling for an investigation.

Dean of Liberty University Dave Brat joins us to discuss the economic fallout from the Chinese Communist Party’s recent meeting—and the implications it might have for the American people.

A first print of the U.S. Constitution is coming up for auction at Sotheby’s.

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Sen. Rick Scott Makes Midterms Prediction; Congressional Staffer Fired Over Ties to China | Trailer | Capitol Report
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