December 1, 2023

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has urged his country to prepare for a new wave of Russian air strikes.
“As long as they have rockets, they won’t rest,” Zelenskyy said in a video address, referring to Russia’s military and its attacks on critical infrastructure. There’s been no Russian response to his claims. Last week, intensified Russian strikes subjected Ukrainians to the most acute power cuts since the war began. As of Sunday, millions in and around the capital Kyiv still had little electricity or heat in freezing temperatures.
And fighting is far from over in the southern city of Kherson. Though it’s back under Ukrainian control, Russian forces continue to shell the city from across the Dnipro river. At the same time, people there are coming to grips with the past eight months of Russian occupation. DW’s Nick Connolly met with two residents who survived weeks of torture.
With an increasing number of Russian attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure, many European countries are preparing for an influx of Ukrainian refugees. The city of Berlin for example has taken in nearly 90-thousand refugees from Ukraine this year. It’s working on more accomodation, including huge tent facilities at a former airport. Local church communities are also stepping in to help.

00:00 Zelenskyy warns of more Russian attacks
00:36 Ukrainians brace for cold winter amid power cuts
04:33 Ukrainians in Kherson tell of torture under Russian occupation
08:34 Germany prepares for winter refugees from Ukraine


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