December 4, 2023

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Former President Donald Trump’s 2024 bid is causing quite a stir among lawmakers and more. Who is supporting him, and what about those who are on the fence?

Former Director of National Intelligence Kash Patel joins us to discuss Trump’s announcement with some key takeaways from his speech.

In a last-minute sprint ahead of welcoming a new Congress, lawmakers are pushing to solidify Obama-era immigration policy.

The Biden administration is asking Congress for more funding for its COVID pandemic plan and to support Ukraine.

Why is homelessness such a persistent problem in major cities throughout the United States? Filmmaker Robert Marbut joins us to discuss the causes behind it and what solutions there are to solve it.

Lift off for NASA’s Artemis lunar rocket— the system is finally on its way to the moon, and experts say it’s a historic stepping stone.

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Republicans React to Trump 2024 Presidential Bid; White House Asks $48 Billion for Ukraine, COVID-19 | Trailer | Capitol Report
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