November 30, 2023

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America may not want a Cold War, but “We don’t get a choice,” says David Stillwell.

Stillwell explains that China has publicly referred to the US as their enemies since the 1950s, and says that the US is too soft in their approach to dealing with the Communist regime, adding “We need to get out of this mindset of people wearing uniforms in killing other people and blood being shed. And think more in terms of well, biological warfare with COVID economic warfare with COVID. Information Warfare with what’s going on inside our own media, the fact that the PRC can influence what American readers are seeing, and we have no ability to do that. And so in those terms, they are competing across the board.”

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Former Asst. Secretary of State David Stilwell: The China Diplomacy Trap, Dangerous Aerial Intercepts, and Xi Jinping’s COVID Paranoia

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